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Sarbkar NW Ltd

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t: 0151 448 1184

For Service, Parts or Sales Please call:
t: 0151 448 1184

24 Hour Helpdesk:
07774 463 549

Qualified SAAB Diesel Specialist

We cover every aspect of your Saab Needs including:

Breakdown Recovery

Supplying & Fitting
New and Re-conditioned Replacement Parts

Crash & Body Repairs
Free Courtesy Car

Installation of Stereo,
Alarm and
Air Conditioning Systems
for all cars





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Now you can get a SARBKAR warranty that gives comprehensive protection at a much lower cost than other warranties available.


When buying a used Saab, always ask to see the service history. If the SAAB you want to buy has been properly serviced within the last year, then you can have the protection of a SARBKAR warranty � which means you should have no worries or regrets if something major or expensive goes wrong.

We promise that if any of the listed components suffers from a mechanical or electrical failure causing sudden stoppage, the cost of repair or replacement will be carried out by: qualified Saab Trained Technicians at SARBKAR Northwest at little or no cost to yourself.

The warranty protects you from unexpected garage bills if your SAAB needs mechanical or electrical repairs anytime in the first 12 months of your cover.


(Must have been Serviced within the last 30 days: If not: You are required to have an £85+vat engineers report and a Service)

Phone now for immediate cover

0151 448 1184

PARTS AND LABOUR ARE FULLY COVERED (allowing a contribution to be paid if some normal wear and tear is evident in the part to be replaced)


We point out that this warranty is a Mechanical Warranty and our only request is that you take the responsibility to have the vehicle brought to SARBKARS premises here at Woodend Avenue for repairs or inspection to take place.


TECH2 Diagnostic check for check engine or management light switch off and code reading is charged at £50+ vat, a once only charge per 3 month period from 1st day of TECH2 inspection.


•  Engine � All components

•  Cylinder head, oil pump, crankshaft and bearings, tappet gear, valves & guides, pistons & rings, cylinder bores/ liners, con rods, distributor drive, starter ring gear, flywheel auto drive plate, camshaft & cam followers, cylinder head gasket, Turbo units and all connected waste gate controls, rocker assembly, push rods, timing chain and final steam cleaning and re-tuning.(Intercoolers on any model are not covered whatsoever)

•  Air Conditioning

•  Compressor pump, condenser radiator, fan control, sensor, magnetic clutch and valves, evaporator reservoir. (Charging (GAS) and testing the AC system is chargeable).

•  Fuel System including Diesel Fuel System

•  Mechanical and Electrical fuel pumps, carburettors, airflow meter, fuel distributor, warm up regulator, cold start injector, fuel gauge and tank sender unit, also includes EGR(Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve clean and reset firstly then replacement if required all diesel injectors also included.

•  Clutch

•  Clutch disc, pressure plate and release bearing master and slave cylinder are all covered against mechanical breakdown or oil contamination.(worn out (Slipping) clutch not covered)

•  Electronic ignition

•  All solid state control and triggering units including: DI Cassettes where fitted as standard by the manufacturer.

•  Steering

•  Rack and pinion, column shaft, couplings, power steering unit including pump, pressure pipes and reservoir, tie rods and rod ends.(Fluids chargeable)

•  Cooling System

•  Radiator, thermostat, water pump, heater matrix, viscous fan, thermostat housing.(Antifreeze chageable)

•  Suspension

•  Upper and lower wishbones, control arms, stabilising bars with associated ball joints, swivel pins and bushes, displacer units, wheel bearings, Suspension struts and bushes.

•  Electric's

•  Failure of the starter motor, alternator regulator, distributor, windscreen wiper motor, horn, electric window motors and front and rear windscreen washer motors, indicator flasher unit, heating fan motors and cooling fan motor.

•  Front Wheel Drive Unit

•  Crown wheel pinion, bushes and bearings, plus external drive shafts, universal joint and couplings, inner and outer c.v joints and differential unit.

•  Casings

•  Casings are covered, provided they have been damaged as a result of failure of an insured part or by the consequential damage of an insured part failing.

•  Rear axle

•  Crown wheel and pinion, shafts, bearings, hubs and hub bearings, c.v joints and differential unit.

•  Driveshafts, wheel bearing, front & rear � inc hubs

•  Universal joints and centre bearings, all wheel bearings are covered.

•  Braking system

•  Master cylinder, brake servo unit, brake calipers, wheel cylinders, pressure reducing and proportioning valves, ABS pump and control unit.

•  Diesel injection system

•  D.I.S Pump and injectors, please note diesel system must of had its normal prior service procedures carried out.

•  Four wheel drive system

•  Shafts & bearings, plus propshaft, couplings, CV joints, front differential, interaxle differential & lock, rear differential & lock

•  Transmission

•  Automatic and manual gearbox including all variants

•  Manual transmission and semi automatic gearboxes are covered

•  Gears, synchromesh hub & rings, selectors, shafts, bearings, drive chains plus gear lever and bushes.

•  Automatic transmission all internal components

•  Transmission cont�

•  Torque converters, brake bands, valve block, governor (manual & electric), oil pump and seals, drive chains, gears input shaft oil seal, clutches, servos and modulator valve, bearing plus gear lever and bushes.

•  Overdrive

•  Gears, shafts and bearings

•  Important exclusions and notes

•  The warranty is designed to protect you from the expense of repairs caused by sudden failures, in order to keep the cost of your warranty as low as possible there are some exclusions to cover

•  Components not listed in this leaflet

•  Components replaced as a result of obvious normal wear and tear

•  Reduction in operating performance due to age and mileage

•  When fault is evident at time of purchase or before expiry of manufacturers warranty

•  Damage due to negligence or accident

•  Policy holder cannot be a motor trader or a business buying/selling vehicles

Notes to Remember!

•  Vehicle must be serviced within Saab Specifications and at the correct service intervals � allowing no more than 1000miles or 30 days, outside the limits (proof of invoice will be required)

•  Vehicle will be repaired as soon as possible using new or reconditioned parts, if vehicle is off road for more than 24 hours Sarbkar will provide a free loan car for the duration of the repair

•  As this is a Sarbkar warranty � only Sarbkar can repair or carry out authorised action of repairs and nobody else

•  On repair you need only to sign to say repairs have been carried out and only under certain circumstances will you be asked to contribute to the direct repair

•  Oils and consumable are chargeable

•  Total value of claims must not exceed the purchase price or market value of the car or £3000.00 + vat whichever is greater. No Single claim must exceed £1000.00 + vat

•  If there is a balance of warranty left on your existing Saab, then this portion cannot be transferred, but will be added to any exchange Saab you may purchase either from SARBKAR or otherwise.

Many thanks for purchasing this warranty and Please note the date that this ends so that you can renew in plenty of time.

Tony & Russell Standish

SARBKAR is an independant SAAB dealer in Liverpool and have all the facilities of a main agent and therefore able to offer the same service at a considerably lower cost to our customers.

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